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The gatherings of a poet


This is a blog for poets. I use the word to evoke the broad spectrum of writers, makers, and thinkers from those whose medium is verse, to those whose medium is ideas. The word poetry comes from the Greek word poiesis, meaning “to make.” As human beings, we are narrative creatures who constantly make meaning through language and image. We are not just poetic, but poietic. We are makers to our core.


This blog is an expression of my creative and intellectual practice as a writer, which can be summed up in one word: gather. The thing that is collected from scattered places, summoned for a purpose, held together, and understood is not just the words or ideas, but the "her" behind them. As a poet, writing this blog is one way I pursue meaning publicly, share my writing practice, wrestle with compelling questions, trace my own becoming, and bear witness to the beauty of our poietic nature. Join me. 


1. To collect from     
   scattered places 
2. To summon for a
3. TO hold Together 
4. to Understand
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Gather the Archetypes- Reflection Guide.
Reflection Guide

Whether through words or images, art is a kind of communication and communication takes presence. This free printable reflection guide is an invitation to make space through contemplative questions to think about the unique expressions and needs of your inner archetypes: the Gatherer, Maker, and Giver.

No cost. No email. No gimmick. 

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