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Usage Policy

Attribution and Usage Guide

Thank you for your engagement and desire to use my content responsibly and legally.

All written content is original and subject to copyright. You may not claim it as your own.


  • If you weren’t the one who wrote it, quote it.

You are welcome to quote original written content from the blog up to 100 words. Simply place the content in quotes and attribute the source to the author, blog name, and include a URL link to the original blog page or post.

Example: Brittany Deininger argues on, “As human beings, we are narrative creatures who constantly make meaning through language. We are not just poetic, but poietic. We are makers to our core." 


  • If you’re paraphrasing the ideas, source it.

Even if you are not quoting the exact words, but are drawing from and responding to the ideas presented, include the source by attributing it to the author, blog name, and include a URL link to the original content.

Example: Brittany Deininger from suggests that artists have three distinct and interacting archetypes within their work. She describes her creative philosophy around the lives of the Gatherer, the Maker, and the Giver.


  • If you’re interested in republishing a quote I use in my content, please use the original source I attribute in the post or page. 


  • Most images are sourced from royalty free sites. Original images labeled as such may not be used.


  • Content on the blog may not be republished in full.  


   Thank you! 

   Brittany Deininger 

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