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The Grünewald Guild is an arts education nonprofit retreat center in Leavenworth, WA. Through workshops and classes, they facilitate exploration of the intersection between art and faith. I have served as summer faculty teaching writing workshops since 2015. 

Writing as a spiritual practice
Writing and the Art of Paying Attention
Grunewald Guild

Grunewald Guild

Matins in the Centrum

Matins in the Centrum

Library Writing Studio

Library Writing Studio

This Too is Prayer: Poetry Workshop

This Too is Prayer: Poetry Workshop

Writing Prompts in Working Notebook

Writing Prompts in Working Notebook

Writing in Nature

Writing in Nature

Workbook: This Too Is Prayer

Workbook: This Too Is Prayer

Gathering at the Finestere

Gathering at the Finestere

Celtic Triple Spiral Labyrinth

Celtic Triple Spiral Labyrinth

Workbook: The Medium of Memory

Workbook: The Medium of Memory





Brittany Deininger on Zoom Workshop

Brittany Deininger on Zoom Workshop

What Past Students Are Saying: 

“I would take any writing class Brittany ever offers.
Her preparation and her presence were top rate.”

"I feel like I have a year's worth of work I could do with all that she provided.”

“Brittany’s instruction was gentle but challenging. She gave many opportunities to modify, choose a different option or bow out of writing prompts. She provided a treasure resource in the booklet she created for the course. The booklet will continue to be a resource I return to.”

“Brittany's prompts were spacious and thoughtful,
and her vulnerability in leadership was such a gift.”

“Brittany handled delicate feelings sensitively. She really walked those of us with little experience through the poetry writing aspect very well. I loved the course.”

“Brittany did a phenomenal job of integrating art, faith, and community. Her workbook speaks for itself - but then she was also able to find the connections as we brought our own work to the studio. And - she helped us do that kind of exploration on our own, as well.”

2020 July 5-11 Moved Online (Full)
This too is prayer: Poetry Workshop

"Brittany is AMAZING.
The thoroughness and rigor partnered with such grace and attentiveness."

- writing workshop participant

Featured Work

Check out what I am up to and read some of my words out in the world. 


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At The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology

Poem for the season of Advent

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Post Defiance

Blog By Tacoma For Tacoma 

Poem written for a benefit concert for a Habitat for Humanity build in Guatemala  

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Grunewald Guild

Traveling Art Exhibit

Poem written for a the traveling art show based on the theme of Jubilee: celebrating rest, renewal, and relationships. 


We sense when the end is coming

the fingered notes slow, the violinist 

looks up as if from a trance and signals

to the others with the eyes, the body,

her very breath

and then it happens. Resolved,

the notations end. The musicians hover,

unmoved statues, bows poised

over the open strings. The audience breathes

collectively. Nothing is played. No vibration

struck. No one claps.

It is part of the silent code

of the theater, the way each piece 

ends, as ritual as the open A440.

We all wait while the musicians

enact the old poetry of Genesis

and play the seventh day.

After the journey of creation

comes the listening

to what has been. The silent 

rest with no tinge of the void. 

Brittany Deininger

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